Story, Director , Animation , Illustration , Backgrounds : POOYA ABBASIAN

Illustration , Character Design , 3D character Modeling : FARSHID MONFARED

3D Animation , 3D Object Modeling , Post Production: FARAZ ABBASI



Nature Regualte | Animation Music Video Project

The lyrics stem from thoughts about the modern world we are living in. How data, television and the speed of technology is building up over landscapes, creating new metropolises. Knocking on all our doors, there is no escape. In the end perhaps only nature will be able to regulate against its enemies and the world that it's created.
The video reflects the lyrics and the sense of trying to save something, whether it is ourselves, a friend, a place of comfort, or the world we live in. The tension in the music is captured by the main character trying to save his world and let Nature Regulate.
Dave Pen


Selected Festival Screenings :

Festival International du Film d’Environnement (Paris - FRANCE)
Festival du film court de Lille (Lille - FRANCE)
20. ITFS 2013 (Stuttgart - GERMANY)
Northwest 2013 (Portland - USA)
Pictoplasma 2013 (New York - USA)
Scratch 2013 (Lecce - ITALY)
Tehran AnimaFest 2013 (Tehran - IRAN)
ITF 2013 (Cyprus - CYPRUS)
Anim’est 2012 (Bucharest - ROMANY)
SUPERTOON 2012 (Sibenik - CROATIA)
Fest Anca 2012 (Zilina - SLOVAKIA)
Pictoplasma 2012 (Berlin - GERMANY)


Screen Shots


Story board

by Pooya Abbasian